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SilkFudge Story

SilkFudge began over 25 years ago when my children declared that the fudge I made was much better than the fudge we purchased at Disneyland during a family vacation.  

Those words from our children sparked the idea that I could have my own fudge business. 

We took the idea back to our home in Pierre, South Dakota where I was known as the fudge lady. As we sat around the dinner table at night, our little family would come up with flavor ideas and names for the fudge. Scott and our three children, Derek, Kera, and McKenzi were my test samplers. Once Scott and our children approved of a new fudge flavor we had friends test the fudge out too.

At that time in South Dakota, the cottage food industry laws required a separate kitchen for salable food items. This was a challenge my husband graciously took upon himself and made it happen when we built our new home. This home was built with not just one kitchen, but two kitchens. At that point, I began to sell SilkFudge locally.

South Dakota has since modified their cottage food industry laws to make it easier for people like me to get started.

As we were returning from dropping our youngest child off at college, Scott and I created a bucket list. The list was good, except I mentioned that I wanted a store front (not fully understanding what an undertaking that was), Scott being Scott, helped me to fulfill this bucket list item.

We opened a charming store in Keystone South Dakota where we had the amazing experience of selling SilkFudge to Mt. Rushmore tourists from all over the world.

Eventually, because of Scott’s job change, we ended up in Vandenberg Village, a little community outside of Lompoc, California. This is where we are now located.

SilkFudge was named after its silky texture. The recipe was given to me by my mother who was an amazing candy maker. I took her recipe, changed it just a little bit, and made it my own.

SilkFudge is made from cream, butter, sugar, and the best quality chocolate we could find. Through the years we have created over 50 flavors of SilkFudge.

We are proud of the quality of our SilkFudge, we believe it’s the best out there and we hope you like it too.

SilkFudge is now sold at Avila Valley Barn in Avila California, over the internet, at local craft shows, as corporate gifts, and is only an email/text away for locals living near us.