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shipping & delivery

Priority Mail

During the Holiday Season, SilkFudge usually ship within 24 hours if I have the fudge flavor already made. If I’m out of that flavor, it will be 48 hours before I ship. 

I ship Priority Mail.

Depending on the circumstances, shipping can take as little as three days to arrive after I ship it. Three days is no longer the general rule at the post office.

Hot Weather Shipping

Hot weather creates an environment unsuitable for shipping SilkFudge. SilkFudge does not contain corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, preservatives, or added binders, (unless there are added ingredients -see below*) and is made with real, high-quality chocolate. Like chocolate, SilkFudge becomes softer at temperatures above 75°.

*Added include Oreos, Andes Candies, White Chocolate Chips etc. 

Before purchasing, please be aware of the temperature where the fudge is being shipped to.  



SilkFudge is the trademarked name for a small fudge company, it is a family recipe and is made by Angela Olson from Lompoc California. SilkFudge is made in small batches (approximately 5-6 pounds per batch). SilkFudge was named for the silky texture of the fudge.

SilkFudge stores very well in the freezer. just double wrap SilkFudge and place in a zip lock bag. SilkFudge will last for several months in the freezer, several weeks in the refrigerator (if well wrapped so it doesn’t dry out), several days at room temperature.

If placed in the freezer, please note that Milk Chocolate SilkFudge takes on a white cast, this is not freezer burn, just the reaction to the cold. This white cast will leave at room temperature.

Most of the SilkFudge Flavors are naturally Gluten Free

Oreo Mint SilkFudge, is not gluten free. Maple Nut and Penuche have flavorings that at times use roasted grains for coloring, so it has trace amounts of gluten.

Please note that SilkFudge is made in a facility where gluten products are also made.

Caution is advised for those with Celiac Disease. 

No, it contains Cream, Butter, and Chocolate.

Yes, that also includes SilkFudge White Chocolate Fudge which is made from a high content of cocoa butter.

SilkFudge does not contain additives that would keep it from getting soft.

SilkFudge is made with a high-quality chocolate. The cocoa butter used in chocolate has a melting point at body temperature.

Using real chocolate limits the ability to cook the fudge at higher temperatures (which would make a firmer fudge) but, it makes for a creamier, silky texture.

If you place SilkFudge in the fridge for a few minutes it will harden up for easier slicing.

SilkFudge ships best during the winter months – be aware of the temperature when shipping to hotter areas (even during the winter months) like Florida and Los Vegas.

SilkFudge ships best when shipping temperatures are below 75 degrees. I do not suggest shipping during hot summer months.

Sugar, Cream, Butter, and a good quality chocolate – plus add ins like nuts, dried fruit, Oreos, Andes Candies, etc.

Here is the ingredient list in Milk Chocolate SilkFudge:
Sugar, Milk Chocolate (sugar, milk, cocoa butter, chocolate liquor, soy lecithin-an emulsifier, vanillin) Cream (Grade A Cream, gellan gum), Butter (cream, salt)


SilkFudge is made with coverture chocolate and ultra-coverture chocolate, which is the finest professional quality chocolate that is produced with the highest percentage of cocoa butter, using premium coca beans.

Chocolate is a suspension (not emulsion) of cocoa particles, sugar solids, and cocoa butter. Soy lecithin in coverture chocolate acts as an emulsifier. Soy lecithin also helps with the fluidity of the chocolate. Coverture chocolate contains less than 1% soy lecithin.

Chocolate liquor is produced from ground cocoa beans, after they have been fermented, dried, roasted, and separated from their skins. This paste is then melted to become the liquor (or liquid).

Cocoa liquor contains both cocoa solids and cocoa butter.

Gellan gum is used in cream as a thickener or stabilizer. The gum itself is created by the microbial fermentation of sugar, a natural process.