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The Silkiest Fudge You'll Ever Taste

SilkFudge™, named for its silky texture. Made from our family recipe in small batches, using quality ingredients.

All Orders placed from 12/20/2023 to 1/2/2024 will be processed the 1st week of January 2024 (Happy Holidays).


Over 40 rotating Seasonal Flavors

Over the years SilkFudge™ has created over 40 different flavors of our Milk Chocolate SilkFudge, White Chocolate SilkFudge, and Dark Chocolate SilkFudge.

We will continue to offer the most popular flavors and add new ones as they are created on a rotational and seasonal basis.

Currently there are 15 flavors offered at the website.

SilkFudge™ encourages our customers to recommend new flavors, so keep the suggestions coming.


Customer Reviews


“I typically don't like fudge (or even very much chocolate for that matter), but Silk Fudge is amazing! My mom received it as a corporate Christmas gift over six years ago and I've been in love ever since! This stuff is absolutely amazing! I love the way it just melts in your mouth. I've given it as gifts on several occasions, even sent some oversees to a friend serving in Afghanistan.”

Katie C


“Best fudge ever made by the NICEST people I've ever met!! :-).”

Kristi S


“This was a very silky fudge that was not sickly sweet but had a wonderful chocolate taste which together with the smoothness was just Heavenly. My favorites were the Dark Chocolate with Mixed Nuts and the Almond Joy flavors.”